Annual General Meeting

Saturday, January 15, 2022
6:00 pm

Join us for the 2022 Annual General Membership Meeting

All are welcome to attend our annual meeting! Again, to attend you need not be a member, just a GLSS friend.

There is a business meeting held prior to awards which are very important to the continued health of our organization.

We have a few items to vote on including the election of new Board members, and a discussion about the proposed new auxiliary populsion requirement.

Voting Proxy

If you are unable to attend, you should consider sending in your proxy vote. This will allow someone to vote on your behalf. To do so, complete the Voting Proxy Form and send it to the GLSS Board of Directors before the meeting.

Don’t forget to pay your 2022 Membership dues to get the member discounts on Solo Challenges as well as the right to vote at the AGM!