Ralph Eilberg Trophy

The Ralph Eilberg Award, donated in 1987, was largely funded by Ralph Ridge and was constructed by GLSS member Phil LePage.


1987   Larry Rotta 1985 – Larry Rotta’s Lake St. Clair Rescue
1988   Joe Vallee 1988 Ralph Eilberg Trophy award for Joe Vallee
1990   Steve Pettengill
1993   Captain David Watt
1993   Steve Pettengill
2000   Captain Spiros Paximos
2000   Jim Otten
2002   Cal Karr Cal Karr rescue of Fred Ball receiving the US Sailing Award
2008   Tim Kent
2014   Dave Rearick For his solo sail around the world on the Class 40 Bodacious Dream
2015   Wally and Ann McMinn for their heroic efforts to save a kayaker in distress on Lake Erie.